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To promote Business research and the advancement of Business knowledge and understanding. To strengthen of business entities internal as well as external for overall smooth operation of business and make a excellence business environment. To support the education and training of students, teachers and researchers in business world. To provide resources for entrepreneurs in the areas of education, research, business, industry, government and public policies.



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Growth Fast

Bikathon is a mission-driven federation based in India with a solid founding team and Excellence vision.

Individual Approach

To ensure that its scientific journals are regularly published, widely read and circulated, have high impact and attract an adequate supply of high-quality papers from an international range of business authors.

Global Solutions

To provide resources for entrepreneurs in the areas of education, research, business, industry, government and public policies.

Exclusive Partnerships

Engagement with the wider community of entrepreneur’s in education, business, public policy groups and government.

24/7 Online Support

To provide young entrepreneur’s members with adequate support to enable them to undertake and disseminate their research, attend conferences and workshops and enhance their professional skills.

Business Opportunities

To enable those in schools and universities to learn about Business, particularly its applications and to foster the development of their own skills in business reasoning and understanding.

Services We Do

Business conference’s

In Bikathon conference’s you can build opportunity of business relationships and

Business Seminar

In Bikathon business seminar you will learn lot of things like improving

Entrepreneur Workshops

In Bikathon workshop improve your business skills, technology skills and inspire you

Business Webinar

In Bikathon webinar you can learn business management, Compliance, human resource,

Business Network

Every business need a solid network for growth of business. Bikathon is platform

Technology Innovation

Bikathon is highly target the intelligent community for innovation.

Our Team

Devendra Choudhary


Prakash Chand Sharma


Pushpendra Singh Poonia


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